The Out-of-the-Woods Sale

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After 25 years in the antiques business, we have decided to focus on smalls: things that John's aging back can lift easily. So the heavy oak furniture has to go.

Our Out-of-the-Woods Sale includes all of the furniture in our inventory as well as some from our private collection. It also includes smalls -- "old friends" who have outstayed their welcome, as well as ones that are "off-market" for us.

Auction would have been easier, but it doesn't suit the "customer-first" philosophy that has always shaped our business.

Prices are firm (most are below cost). Buyer pays shipping.

Don't worry: we aren't getting out the business. We'll continue to offer you distinctive antiques that you won't find anywhere else.

The sale runs until Sunday April 21 at midnight.

John Fiske & Lisa Freeman, Owners



When Oak Was New

Half Off! When Oak Was New

Now $19.95 plus shipping

"If you are interested in early furniture, this book should be on your shelf."

Philip Zea, President
Historic Deerfield, Inc.

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