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Franco-Flemish, 17th c.

Nicely flared form with fleur-de-lys decoration and good turnings.. The bronze has aged to a darkish, greenish patina -- an attractive piece to display on your kitchen shelf.


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Assembled Set of Measures 

Franco-Flemish, 1550-1600

A well assembled set, all with rounded bottoms and vertical casting seams. The smallest has the most dings, the mid-sized has a casting fault plugged at the forge, and the three look really good together. The handles have individual differences, but it would take a long time to assemble a set as well matched as these.


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Small Pedestal Salt 

English, early 18th c.

These small pedestal salts are more often found in pewter or silver. But here's a nice little one in brass with attractively soft wear and patina.


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Pricket Stick 

South German, 16th c.

An impressive stick. Crisp turnings on stem, turnings on base and cup echo each other. Iron spike and bed riveted to brass cup with copper rivets. The iron brings a visual interest that is lacking in the more usual all-brass sticks.


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Pipe Warming Bowl 

Dutch, c.1725

None of your friends will guess what this is. It has a hammered copper bowl with brass foot and rim, all mounted on a walnut stand with brass ball feet. Great look and great craftsmanship. It was used to keep tobacco in clay pipes warm by standing them on a bed of hot ash or coals in the bottom of the bowl. From a collection in North Yorkshire.


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