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English, 1700-25

A portable case for carrying quill pens and ink. Decorated with fine engraving, a rococo shell lid to the inkwell and (a special bonus) a set of inky finger prints from an earlier user! The sort of thing you won't find very often.


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Traveler's Wine Cup 

Scottish, c.1750

Made only in Scotland, these small drinking vessels fold in on themselves to as compact a form as possible. They're usually called wine cups, but my bet is that whiskey filled them more often than wine. Whatever you want to sip from it is your choice. It's a fun thing to have


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Table Box 

English, 19th c.

A right rurally-made charmer. The lid is engraved with a folky estuary scene containing a fishing boat, a toy yacht, a greedy gull and a tiny house -- all under the setting (or rising) sun! You'll not get tired of this one.


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Tripod Pot 

English or European, 1450-1550

Fascinating and fabulous. We have found no record of this precise form, but the legs, feet and the loop braces between legs and the bowl are typical of English and European work of this period. Square sleeve to take wooden handle. The two rear feet have worn more than the one under the handle, which would not have been as deep into the fire. Nice ring decoration to the rim. The helmet-shaped bowl cast in one piece. Great old surface. Ex Frank Cowan collection, now you can add it to yours.


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Small Early Candlestick 

N. European, 1425-1475

A real charmer! Octagonal cup cast in one piece with a square stem. Enjoy that geometric relationship between the cup and the stem. Three hoof-like(?) feet, no movement between stem and base. Wonderful color and texture with edges softened by time and use. We're enjoying it at home until it sells!


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