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Small Pricket Stick 

Spain/Portugal, c.1635

Look at the perfect progression through the compressed ball, the ring and the baluster on the stem -- artistry. Good capstan-form base and well turned drip pan. These smaller prickets were domestic: it's the larger ones that were ecclestical.


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Capstan Candleholder 

Spain, c.1550

A full size capstan of perfect traditional form: no bells and whistles, just plain and honest.. Large, square ejector hole with authentic wear. We often wonder why taste changed to prefer tall candlesticks -- these capstans have an appealing sturdiness, and are impossible to knock over. Go with the capstan!


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Heemskirk Candleholder 

Dutch, c.1660

A good, heavy example of the form with simple ringed decoration. A slight lean has developed over the years -- do you know the feeling? A functional object in its day, and a very collectible one now.


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Lantern Candlestick 

English, c.1670

An exceptional piece with compressed spiral stem to allow maximum room for the candle inside the lantern. Turned and dished base and well formed bobeche. Take your time looking at this, and it'll grow on you. NB American tin lanterns had fitted candleholders, 17th-century English brass ones did not.


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Small Posnet 

English, c.1675

Unusually small size, unusually good condition, unusually attractive -- and that's just the start. Note also the decorated legs with reeded feet, the grooves running along the edges of the handle and the great old surface. No question it's a good 'un.


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