Metalware - Brass/Bronze


Heemskirk Candlestick 

Dutch, c.1650

Good, heavy example with old, unpolished surface. Plain and functional with some turned decoration, but nothing fancy. Round ejector holes. Museum accession number on base.


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Continental, 1650-75

Heavy cast brass with fig-shaped bowl and knopped finial. You won't see another for a long time.


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Dutch, mid-18th c.

How to turn any candlestick into a sconce! Just set it in the saucer here. Typical of the ingenious and thrifty Dutch! Very heavy brass wih aged patina and characterful casting marks. We've not seen another like it, and we love it!


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Triangular Chamberstick 

Dutch, c.1730

Why on earth would anyone think that a triangular chamberstick was a good idea? I suppose it's more stable than a round one, but they're stable enough. Anyway, here's your chance to get something that is a real eyecatcher, and may even be unique.


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Sparrow-Beak Jug 

English, c.1745

Sparrow beaked cream jugs are most commonly found in silver, less commonly in porcelain and very rarely in a plebian material such as brass. But here one is, cast in two halves. It's got real character and it couldn't care less that is not posh like its relatives!


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