Metalware - Brass/Bronze


Ink and Brush Holder 

Franco-Flemish, 1680-1720

You never thought you were looking for one of these, did you? A super calligrapher's case, with conjoined ink pot and brush holder -- the fine haired brushes needed to be stored in a horizontal and airtight case. Cast shell on lid of pot, inscribed decoration of flowers and foliage and delicately pricked sprig of flowers on case, and running punched motifs as well. A bonus: inky fingerprints on back - surely not those of the origian scribe! Quite the find!


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Cottage Chamberstick 

English, c.1800

Simply made handle and pan with cast socket joined by a hand-cut screw. Footrim so that it stands nice and steady, crude rivets on handle. Locally made pan and handle, professionally cast socket. Sold unpolished but would clean up well. Just a plain and simple thing for plain and simple folk. Does that describe you?


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Bullet Mold 

American or English, Mid-18th c.

A mold for casting musket balls -- eight small, three larger and one intermediate. Great old finish, well patinated with many signs of use. Heavy bronze. The handles appear to have been cast with different lengths. (NB: It's a bullet mold, not a praying mantis.)


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Medieval Jug 

English, c. 1550

Attractive form with a straight-necked spout, strap handle and good foot rim. We always find the combination of a bulbous belly and straight spout particularly appealing. Heavy casting, dull, unpolished finish. Ex Cowan Collection, sold by us in 2005, just repurchased..


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Pair of Heemskirk Candlesticks 

Dutch, 18th/19th c.

A good looking, heavy cast pair from late in their period. Good condition with signs of wear and use.


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