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Alms Dish 

Nuremberg, c.1550

The center with an image of Moses' spies, Joshua and Caleb, escaping from Canaan hidden in a huge bunch of grapes. The image surrounded by punched, engraved and repousse decorated circles.


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Adam and Eve Alms Dish 

Dutch, 16th c.

One of the best -- and it's from the Netherlands, not Nuremberg! Beautifully soft, well-worn depiction of the Temptation of Eve, with a little rabbit who's turned his back on the whole affair. Dutch inscription, VREEST GODT means "Fear God," but the rest is Dutch to me! Punched decoration around rim. Perhaps the ears of wheat and the rabbit symbolize the fertility of Paradise.


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Small Serving Ladle 

English, 19ih c.

An unassuming little thing made out of sheet brass. Nothing special about it -- except its patina which is terrific! Pouring spout and suspension hole.


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Small Medieval Jug 

English, 16th c.

Attractive form with a straight-necked spout, strap handle and good foot rim. Identifying X marks scratched above and below handle. Ex Cowan Collection, acquired in May, 1977.


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Tea Caddy 

English/Welsh, 1759

Sarcophagus-form tea caddy with good ball and claw feet and lion's head handles. The lid has an engraved cartouch "J. Leake, 1759, Penarth" that is surrounded by punch and engraved floral motifs. The sides and ends are similarly engraved and punched. Quite a special object. What would you keep in it today?


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