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Small Capstan Candleholder 

Dutch, c.1650

Nice to find a small one! Iconic mid-16th-century form, with square extraction holes, and plain rings on pan and base. Very well shaped nozzle.


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German, 17th c.

Heavy, smallish, very well used, lots of wear -- a mortar with character. Cast with flanges flanking a figural head -- under a crown?? Good old color.


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Capstan Candleholder 

Spanish, 1600-50

A good example of an early 17th-century form, with a broad, vertical-sided capstan base, and short stem with a bulb under the nozzle. Solid cast brass with minimal turning, just some decorative rings. Round extraction holes. Has not been polished up. Old collector's marks on underside.


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Pair of Two-Light Wall Sconces 

Dutch, 18th c

Beautiful dark, uncleaned surface; beautiful dark, uncleaned semi-nude putti. Other rococo motifs, all repousee. Heart-shaped shield for owner's initials (yours??) S-shaped arms twisted in the middle.Slightly domed reflector panel, ejector holes under nozzles. Not too many like it, especially with this impressive size.


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Franco-Flemish, 17th c.

A mortar with great presence. Nicely flared form with foliate decoration and good turnings.. The bronze has aged to a darkish, greenish patina -- an attractive piece to display on your kitchen shelf.


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