Metalware - Brass/Bronze


Heemskirk Candlestick 

Dutch, c.1650

Good, heavy example with old, unpolished surface. Plain and functional with some turned decoration, but nothing fancy. Round ejector holes. Museum accession number on base.


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Franco-Flemish, Dated 1783

Heavy spun brass in an unusual form that can hang or stand. Punch decorated with florets, dated 1783, and with makers mark of a hunting horn. Were it not for the date on the nozzle, I could believe this was 50 or more years ealier. It's a very nice thing.


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Dutch, 1525-50

Embossed with a rare grape and vine design surrounding a Tudor rose. The grape and vine was symbolic of the infinite love of God and the abundance He provides. Perhaps aimed at the English market to give "best wishes" to the new Tudor dynasty! Owner's intitials SL on rim. Softly defined as a result of centuries of polishing. Iron strap for hanging.


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French, c. 1675

A pretty little candlestick whose charm lies not just in its form, but in its surface: it is beautifully aged, softened by centuries of polishing and with good signs of wear and usage. A lovely little thing.


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Large Alms Dish 

Nuremberg, c.1575

A big boy! Very few measure 20" across. Heavy spun brass with rim rolled around an iron ring. The boss with gadroons with three acorns in the spandrels - a rare motif. The oak leaves around the rim are also rare, and the flowers inside them might just be a Tudor rose -- was it made for the English market? Little wear except for polishing, so it may have been used to reflect the candlelight as shown in the detail of a 1475 painting by the Housebook Master.


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