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Franco-Flemish, 17th c.

A mortar with great presence. Nicely flared form with foliate decoration and good turnings.. The bronze has aged to a darkish, greenish patina -- an attractive piece to display on your kitchen shelf.


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Adam & Eve Alms Dish 

Nuremberg, 1490-1510

A very early depiction of the Fall of Man. The last image is from Tidemann's book. Near pair with zyad522


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Adam and Eve Alms Dish 

Nuremberg, dated 1487

One of the earliest dishes showing the Fall of Man. The snake shown as a crowned woman. The last two images are from Tidemann's book. Near pair with zyad622.


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Capstan Candlestick 

Spanish, 1550

Good, heavy casting, hand-cut ejection holes. Well turned rims on capstan. A nice example of the form. Ejection holes were needed: the tallow candles of the period were soft and difficult to pull out of the nozzle. (We've not had a capstan for some time, so I jumped at the chance to buy a small collection at a reasonable price.)


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Medieval Spoon 

Dutch or English, c. 1550

We like to have one of these small early spoons in the inventory, but haven't been able to find one for quite a while. Here's a good one: with bands around the handle, a great fig-shaped bowl and nice early surface.


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