Metalware - Brass/Bronze


Bullet Mold 

American or English, Mid-18th c.

A mold for casting musket balls -- eight small, three larger and one intermediate. Great old finish, well patinated with many signs of use. Heavy bronze. The handles appear to have been cast with different lengths. (NB: It's a bullet mold, not a praying mantis.)


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Medieval Jug 

English, c. 1550

Attractive form with a straight-necked spout, strap handle and good foot rim. We always find the combination of a bulbous belly and straight spout particularly appealing. Heavy casting, dull, unpolished finish. Ex Cowan Collection, sold by us in 2005, just repurchased..


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Alms Bowl 

Dutch or Germanic, late medieval

Remarkable bowl, showing the Lamb and Flag. The lamb was the Agnus Dei, Jesus Christ who died for our sins shwn with a graphic spear wound bleeding into a communion chalice. The flag stood for the Resurrection.


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Pair of Heemskirk Candlesticks 

Dutch, 18th/19th c.

A good looking, heavy cast pair from late in their period. Good condition with signs of wear and use.


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Adam and Eve Alms Dish 

Nuremberg, 1450-1500

Simply put -- one of the best we've seen, and an early one at that!. Very heavy spun brass with engraved, punched and repousee decoration. The central scene is charmingly primitive (medieval not Renaissance) and its details have been softened by polishing -- the anatomical differences between her and him have almost disappeared (check hair length if in doubt)! Nice flowers and rock, gothic script in flying banners -- just one of the best of its kind.


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