Metalware - Brass/Bronze


Small Capstan Candleholder 

Dutch, c.1650

Nice to find a small one! Iconic mid-16th-century form, with square extraction holes, and plain rings on pan and base. Very well shaped nozzle.


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German, 17th c.

Heavy, smallish, very well used, lots of wear -- a mortar with character. Cast with flanges flanking a figural head -- under a crown?? Good old color.


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Tudor Bodkin 

English, 1550-1600

Used to thread ribbon through petticoats and skirts enabling the lady to change the color and give the garment a different look -- much cheaper than having two (or more) petticoats. Threading slots for different ribbons. There was, of course, another use: when Hamlet was wondering about ending his life, one of the means he considered was "with a bare bodkin." Your choice.


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Late Medieval Jug 

English, c.1550

Jugs with straight-sided spouts are not common, but they look well -- the combo of the straight spout and baluster body is attractive. Hang it, or stand it, it'll look good with or without flowers.


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Franco-Flemish, 17th c.

A mortar with great presence. Nicely flared form with foliate decoration and good turnings.. The bronze has aged to a darkish, greenish patina -- an attractive piece to display on your kitchen shelf.


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