Metalware - Iron


Shoe Horn 

English, 18th c.

It'll work for your Nikes, too. Lovely aged surface and simple, functional form.


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Mastiff's or Boar Hound's Collar 

English or Continental, 17th c.

The Hound of the Baskervilles might have worn a collar like this -- it was certainly for a massive canine. The heavy iron and sharp spikes would have kept the dog safe from the teeth and tusks of even the largest boar -- and they did grow big! It's far from decorative, but it's very dramatic and I doubt we'll ever find another quite like it. Was $1025


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Welsh, 1775-1800

Age-pitted surface on the iron, age-raised grain on the wood -- true collector appeal. One of the few wooden based 'nips whose base is guaranteed original. Was $675


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Hewing Ax 

English, 16th/17th c.

Used to square off a log into a beam -- one side is flat to ensure a good surface on the beam. The handle is replaced (obviously -- presumably many times) but it looks old and good. The blade has a beautifully aged surface. Not too many of these have survived.


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Small Medieval Tongs 

French, 16th century

A stunning piece of early French ironwork -- the French smiths were considered the best in Europe. Not quite sure of their use: they're too small for pipe tongs, the finger rings are ladies' or children's size, and the best grip is at the tips of the birds' beaks (don't you love those birds?) For tapestry, or needlework? Whatever. Just look at the form and the decoration, and you'll realize you're looking at a top quality piece of late medieval ironwork.


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