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Medieval Pryck Spur 

English, 11th/13th c.

Any equestriennes out there? Notice how little spurs have changed in almost 1,000 years. It may be too good to hang in your harness room, but it'll be a talking point wherever you display it. From a major English collection, excavated in London in 1980, and privately held since then.


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Medieval Candleholder 

English, 15th/16th c.

They say small is beautiful, right? This fits the bill at only 3" long. It takes a small candle -- less than 1/2" diam., which can't have given much light but does indicate how very expensive candles were at this early date. From a major English collection, excavated from the Thames foreshore in 1972 and privately held since then.


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Lock with Bolt 

Continental, 17th c.

Large, decorative and mechanically interesting! A really good, early lock, made even better by the sliding bolt -- a rare feature.


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Medieval Andirons 

English, 1450-1550

A fine pair of andirons with cast figure of a boy holding a branch (a wood sprite?) Heavy and in very good condition with less wear than usual. Smaller than many -- will fit any open fire and add history to the warmth!


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Pair of Gothic Andirons 

French, 15th/16th c.

Heavy, heavy, heavy! Aged, worn, untouched surface. Each topped with a figure (a minstrel playing a harp?) and with gothic-arched feet. Listen to them "sing" in a roaring fire! Found many years ago in the basement of a house in Swansea, RI. In a private collection ever since.


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