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Lock with Bolt 

Continental, 17th c.

Large, decorative and mechanically interesting! A really good, early lock, made even better by the sliding bolt -- a rare feature.


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Medieval Andirons 

English, 1450-1550

A fine pair of andirons with cast figure of a boy holding a branch (a wood sprite?) Heavy and in very good condition with less wear than usual. Smaller than many -- will fit any open fire and add history to the warmth!


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Pair of Gothic Andirons 

French, 15th/16th c.

Heavy, heavy, heavy! Aged, worn, untouched surface. Each topped with a figure (a minstrel playing a harp?) and with gothic-arched feet. Listen to them "sing" in a roaring fire! Found many years ago in the basement of a house in Swansea, RI. In a private collection ever since.


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Ember or Pipe Tongs 

American or English, 18th c.

Blacksmith-made tongs with a scissor action -- a rural version of the more upscale tongs that work with a spring. Used for picking an ember from the hearth to light a pipe.


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Candle and Splint Holder 

Scottish, 1700-1750

A tall, dual lighting device that held either a candle or, more cheaply, a splint of resinous wood (in the UK often called "fatwood," in the US "candlewood"). In the UK, a splint holder is usually called a Peerman -- a corruption of the Scottish "puir man [poor man]." Whatever we call it, fatwood gives a good light. This one has a nice old surface, and the conical holder places it fairly early. Ex Moseley Old Hall collection, Wolverhampton.


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