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Hanging or Standing Splint Holder 

N. European, 17th/18th c.

Blacksmith-made piece on a triangular, three-footed base (made from previously used sheet iron.) Splint holder still has good spring in it, holds a splint firmly. Just a no-nonsense, simple, functional piece with a good period look. It'll make you want the next power outage so you can use it.


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Boar Hound's Collar 

English or Continental, 17th c.

The Hound of the Baskervilles might have worn a collar like this -- it was certainly for a massive canine. The heavy iron and sharp spikes would have kept the dog safe from the teeth and tusks of even the largest boar -- and they did grow big! It's far from decorative, but it's very dramatic and I doubt we'll ever find another quite like it.


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Welsh, 1775-1800

Age-pitted surface on the iron, age-raised grain on the wood -- true collector appeal. One of the few wooden based 'nips whose base is guaranteed original.


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Cottage Candlestick 

English, 1680-1750

A village blacksmith's ironwork nailed to a base turned in the manner of William and Mary chair stretchers: a nice example of a rural smith and turner working together. The turner was more skilled than the smith: the socket is off-center and off-vertical -- you've gotta love it! Obviously village-made, impossible to date with any precision, but who cares? The iron has aged beautifully, and the wood has great color and patina. We fell for it when we saw it.


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Pair of Candelabra 

English, 1675-1700

Iron made the poor man's candleholders, so almost all are single. An iron candelabra burning three candles at once is almost a contradiction in terms -- and here's a pair, buring six! All wrought by a local blacksmith, with lovely signs of hand-forging. Rolled conical sconces (a sign of early date) on a trident-form stand on quadriform base. Each with triple conical sconce over a plain stem supported on quadripod base


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