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English Measure for American Use 

English, c.1750

An interesting piece of Colonial history. A half-pint measure made in England for use in New England. Original Y on lid validates it for York, and later CM on rim extends the validation to Maine. Good architectural thumbpiece of a capitol with volutes. A good looking piece with great historical interest.


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Wine Cup 

English, c.1725

Classic proportions of wine cups of its period: a small cup and a broad foot -- providing stability when it has been filled and emptied many times! Knopped stem -- has a good 17th-century look to it.


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Flat-Lidded Tankard 

English, 1680-1720

A good example of the early form -- straight-sides, flare- footed and flat-lidded. Lid and base marked with owners intials "IM' and with obscure wriggle work symbols. Rose and crown touch on handle. Fifty years ago my local pub had a beam thickly hung with the pewter mugs of the regulars -- each marked with owners's initials. Of course there was a "JF" hanging among them. Beer tastes great out of pewter.


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Three Gothic Revival Spoons 

English, c. 1860

Decorative, and with some age. Possibly cast from a c. 1700 mold in the so-called Puritan style. Touch mark of dancing girl and 90 stamped on handle. Was $99.


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Trefid Spoon 

English, c.1685

Very good example of the form, with crisp, ribbed rat tail on back of bowl, and owner's initials C D. Old, nicely pitted surface.


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