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Pair of Benefactors' Glass Panes 

Franco-Flemish, 1593

A record of who donated the church windows into which these panes were set: "Noel Valkener, procurer of the Venerable Court of Liege," and "Seigneur Lambert de Mopertingen, citizen of the town of Tongre." Both dated 1593. These panes ensured that when the men arrived at the Pearly Gates, St. Peter would recognize them instantly and wave them into the pre-approved lane. Money well spent.


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Stone Lion 

English, 17th/early 18th c.

Expressively carved recumbent lion in Cornish serpentine with a soft and subtle luster. The carving of the mane and the face is exceptional and contrasts beautifully with the smoothly patinated body. You won't tire of looking at this one! Serpentine is a grey-green-blue stone found only at the foot of the Lizard peninsula, Cornwall's most southerly point.


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Elizabethan Firebrick 

English, late 16th c.

Wonderfully graphic brick with deeply moilded diaper decoration. The central row with heraldic lion in a wreath, and upper and lower rows with roundels. Was part of a curved structure on the edge of the hearth -- a pilaster perhaps?


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Three Medieval Portraits on Bone 

English, 15th c.

A remarkable group of three profile portraits carved on marrow bones. Probably mounted on a table cabinet for valuables. They are so lifelike they might almost be portraits of the family. One of the most exceptional examples of medieval art that we've been able to offer. From an English collection formed in the 1970s. Was $595


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Needlework or "Printwork" 

English, c 1800

A highly detailed and finely wrought river scene of watermill with boater and dog in excellent condition.Was $300.


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