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Spoon Rack 

Welsh, mid-18th c.

It's the exceptional pierced crest that makes this one stand out! Other good things are the racks that take 12 wide handled spoons; the candlebox with its original, locally-made wire hinges, and the good medium-dark honey color. A nice country piece.


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Chip Carved Candlebox 

English, c.1725

10 out of 10 don't you think? Exceptionally detailed carving, all done with the point of a knife and laid out with compasses -- a long winter's project for someone with equal skill and patience. Embellished with brass studs, flowers and stars. The more closely you look at this, the more you'll see and the more you'll be amazed. The medullary flecks in the beech are similar to the rays in quarter-sawn oak. The beech has been stained to resemble oak.


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Scythe Sharpener 

English, 17th/18th c.

The sort of unregarded tool that never survives. But this one did. Mowers using scythes to cut hay carried the horn sheath on their belt, and used the iron to keep the scythe razor sharp. Age has given the horn a wonderfully tactile texture. The iron is smooth on one side from use, and rough cast on the other. The form is unchanged since the Middle Ages, as the illumination shows.


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Leather Flask 

English, early 18th c.

Heavy, stitched leather with dark patina. Two suspension holes for a leather thong to hang it from a belt or even round the shoulders. Not many have survived in as good condition as this.


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Sickler's Hand Guard 

Scottish, 18th/19th c.

Nothing rude about this gesture! This rare harvest tool was worn on the left hand of a man using a sickle to harvest barley or oats. It held the stalks up, making them easier to cut while ensuring that none of his fingers joined them on the ground! The three finger holes are perfectly sized for the middle finger, ring finger and pinkie. We're sure the medieval sickler shown here would have liked one on his left hand.


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