Lidded Wine Jug 

French, c.1750

You've heard of blood red wine? This is pretty close! A large faience wine jug with a pewter lid, beautifully painted with a gruesome scene. The pewter lid struck with touches of a castle and a coat of arms(?) Obviously for a baronial household! Scratched painter's mark "SE" under base. Made of a red terracotta under the tin glaze. One of the largest and best wine jugs we've come across.


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Maiolica Water Stoup 

Spanish or Italian, c.1725

Bright, cheerful, charming -- will liven up any wall. The painting is truly naïve but confident. What a lot of putti! Water stoups were hung near the front door so that guests could bless themselves on entering. Today, you can hang it wherever it'll cheer you up the most!


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Delftware Charger 

London, c.1760

Polychrome Chinoiserie scene of a figure (dancing??) in a garden all reflected (inaccurately) in a pool. Quite charming, really. Deeper dish form than most chargers. Suspension hook on back. Middle of the range example at bottom of the range price.


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Oil Lamp 

English or Dutch, 1575-1625

A remarkable survivor: a two-pan lamp made to hang on a wall or stand on a table. Characterful signs of hand-potting -- not turned on a wheel. The stem slightly off vertical and twisted. A beautiful and rare little thing, bought from an English collection. Old collectors' marks on bottom.


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Medieval Floor Tile 

English, 1400-1475

Slip decorated with diaper pattern with dots. Probably made in the Severn Valley for a monastery.From an English collection, bought well and thus offered at below market value.


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