Delftware Ink Stand 

London, 1740

Interesting and rarely seen piece of delftware. Trellis pattern with diamonds and flowers. Designed to hold two inkwells and four pens -- could be used for flower arrangements today. Get your imagination working and you'll find the perfect way to display it.


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Delft Plate 

English, c.1680

Charming -- showing just what a European thought a Chinese man looked like. Don't you love it?


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Flemish, 1550-1600

Wonderfully graphic brick with deeply moilded diaper decoration. The central row with heraldic lion in a wreath, and upper and lower rows with roundels.


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Medieval Floor Tile 

English, 1400-1475

Slip decorated with flowers in each corner. Accidental green in glaze, possibly from copper filings in the lead. The "diamond" formed by an unglazed channel. Traces of original lime mortar. From an English collection, bought well and thus offered at below market value.


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Maiolica Water Stoup 

Spanish or Italian, c.1725

Bright, cheerful, charming -- will liven up any wall. The painting is truly naïve but confident. What a lot of putti! Water stoups were hung near the front door so that guests could bless themselves on entering. Today, you can hang it wherever it'll cheer you up the most! Was $565


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