Tankard or Schnelle 

Raeren, 1575-1600

Warm red glaze, simple upstanding form with just the right amount of decoration. A nice one.


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Siegburg, 1475-1525

A very good Siegburg mug with ringed neck, thumbed base and a raised ring around the belly. Plenty of signs of fast, hand-potting. A strong, clean form for a beer mug -- we like it a lot.


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Early Jug 

Siegburg, 1375-1425

Lovely two-color glaze, finger-turned rings on body and neck, thumb-molded base. It stood proudly in our corner cupboard for many years. It'll give you the same pleasure it gave us.


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Wall Pocket 

Flemish, c.1675

Rare wall pocket just waiting for your creative flower arrangements. In the form of a putto with a lot of hair, some of which may be feathers or foliage.


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Bartmann (Bellarmine) Jug 

German, Rhinish, 1600-25

Well modeled bearded mask with medallion below, all in a rich brown mottled glaze. A good eyecatcher on a shelf.


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