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Table or "Bible" Box 

English, 1625-50

We've never seen one constructed this way: a boarded box with applied moldings that simulate panels! The "chunkiness" of the split balusters indicates an early date. The iron is all original, and the box has that superb, chestnut-to-chocolate color together with the surface blemishes typical of early elm: tt looks really old. Notice too the initials SD on the lid in brass upholstery nails. A very distinctive piece


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Desk Box 

English, 1630-1660

Attractively nulled on front and both sides and in a good, rich color, this desk box has a lot going for it. Its minor restorations do not blemish its appearance at all. We're selling for a motivated client, so its price is under the market.


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Valuables Cabinet 

English, c.1735

Simply elegant. An early Georgian valuables cabinet with six drawers, ready and waiting for jewelry or other small trasures. Finely dovetailed case and drawers, with early widely spaced dovetails. Good, rich color, all drawers work smoothly.


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Joined and Paneled Coffer 

Somerset or Devon, c.1675

Lovely warm, reddish oak, confident carving and a convenient, small, two-panel size. Just what you're looking for, isn't it?


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Joined and Boarded Coffer 

English, Devon, Mid 17th c.

Gouge carved with lively designs on the framing members -- the front almost appears to be in perpetual motion. The sides are boldly carved as well. Only the front is paneled, everything else is boarded, quite normal for a country piece whose owner wanted good looks and good storage at a lower cost. Ex Gibson Collection, Bradstone Manor, Milton Abbot, Tavistock, Devon.


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