Wood - Small Oak


Queen Anne Mirror 

American or English, c.1750

Got some character to it. Original glass. Has hung in our wall for many years.


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English, 19th c.

Interesting staved bucket with one wooden and one iron band. Use it by your desk for paper, by your hearth for kindling, or anywhere for anything! Just a nice, hand-made thing to have. Lisa has done lovely arrangements of twigs and dreid grasses in it.


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Table Box 

English, c. 1665

Very rare to find a box lined with period woodcuts. They depict the marriage of Charles II and Catherine of Braganza, Jun 1661. They are wallpaper, after the woodcut in the V&A (shown here.) The box itself is very good, carved on front and sides with lively variations on back-to,back S-scrolls. Original small snipe hinges, old, dark surface. Inside or out, there's something special here. Ex collection of Henry P Strause.


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Mural Pipe Box 

Welsh, c.1700

Unusually well carved pipe box with rich, old color and surface. The roundels are typical of north Wales, and so is the heart cut-out in a charmingly asymmetrically arched back! Attractive taper from top to bottom -- what's not to like about it?


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Miniature Chest of Drawers 

England, 1680-1700

Decorative, useful -- and absolutely pure! Original finish (how often can you say that?) of lacquer over stain. Original pulls. Geometric applied moldings -- the pattern on the upper drawer is the reverse on that on the lower, with a plainer one in the middle -- very carefully conceived. A truly excellent thing! Bought from Suffolk House Antiques in 2007 and in a private collection till now.


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