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Queen Anne Mirror 

American or English, c.1750

Got some character to it. Original glass. Has hung in our wall for many years.


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English, 19th c.

Interesting staved bucket with one wooden and one iron band. Use it by your desk for paper, by your hearth for kindling, or anywhere for anything! Just a nice, hand-made thing to have. Lisa has done lovely arrangements of twigs and dreid grasses in it.


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Table or Bible Box 

English, c.1700

Dovetailed box in a good color. The front carved with interlocking lunettes, the sides plain. Original cleats.


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Offertory Box 

English, Norfolk., 1575-1625

Wow! An early offertory box in pristine condition The four sides with applied, hand-shaped moldings, fully original iron (look at the size of the key) and molded top and bottom. Made with glued rabbet joints -- no nails. Truly early construction. Under the lid a contemporary inscription "BINHAM Aby" and on the base later inscriptions suggesting it was used for tobacco and perhaps for runic purposes. Binham Abbey is in Norfolk, the box came from a Norfolk collection.


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Offertory Box 

Franco-Flemish, .1600-50.

A solidly built box of riven and nailed oak boards. The back with a Tree of Life still with traces of original red and ocher paint. Tree of Life design. The lid with chevrons around the border. Handle on back for the priest to hold as his congegants filed past -- you can bet he noted who contributed! A rare find that tells a good story.


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