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Tudor Linenfold Coffer 

English, c.1525

A rare Henry VIII coffer that happens to be the perfect size for a coffee table! The back may be unfinished, but it's interesting to look at, and the front and sides are first class. On the front, linenfold panels flank a carved panel, and each end has two linenfolds. Two-board lid.


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Mural Pipe Box 

Welsh, c.1700

Unusually well carved pipe box with rich, old color and surface. The roundels are typical of north Wales, and so is the heart cut-out in a charmingly asymmetrically arched back! Attractive taper from top to bottom -- what's not to like about it?


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Table Cabinet 

Bavaria, Augsburg, c.1670

Top o' the line cabinet with drawers. The marquetry heaving with baroque scrolls and foliage joining paired lions and phoenixes on the drawers, top and ends. The phoenix stood for eternal life and the lion for imperviousness to attack. The lion is the symbol of Bavaria. In its day, the cabinet would have celebrated to power and resilience of Augsburg: today it is just stunningly beautiful. Oh, and you can use it, too!


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Table Box 

English, 1675

Large table box, initialed and dated EG 1672 in a shield flanked by floral roundels. Molded lid with chip and scratch carving; pintle hinges. Interior till.


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Small Tobacco Crate 

English or American, 1675

We've never seen one like it. A small crate for shipping and/or selling leaf tobacco. It's simply made of nailed boards -- clearly for commercial not domestic use. Painted "Best Virginia, 1675" with tobacco leaves. A rare historical object.


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