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Stone Lion 

English, 17th/early 18th c.

Expressively carved recumbent lion in Cornish serpentine with a soft and subtle luster. The carving of the mane and the face is exceptional and contrasts beautifully with the smoothly patinated body. You won't tire of looking at this one! Serpentine is a grey-green-blue stone found only at the foot of the Lizard peninsula, Cornwall's most southerly point.


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Flemish, c.1650

Small is beautiful, right? This animated carving of the west wind may have been made for a beam end on a hammer-beam roof. He's so well carved that you draw your coat around you as you pass him.


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Lion Corbel 

English, 17th c.

Wonderful humanoid lion! The mouth of a lion, the nose and eyes of a human -- you have to love it!


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English or Dutch, c.1550

A benign lion surrounded by scrolls and foliage, probably from a misericord. Made from two blocks that have been separated and reglued. Is there some special object you'd like him to display for you?


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Carving of an Angel 

Franco-Flemish, 17th c.

Quite the little angel! Lovely curling locks, neat wings and a serene, angelic (sorry) expression. Old, medium-brown color.


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