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Carved Overdoor 

Welsh or West England, 1625-50

A rare overdoor panel with lively, scaley, fire-breathing dragons (sea serpents?) flanking two lions rampant (who look as it they're walking up walls). Lots of energy in this one, if you've got the right spot for it….


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Adam and Eve Panel 

Flemish, 16th c.

The rarest of the rare! Why? Well, have you ever seen Adam and Eve without the apple and serpent? Here they are shown before the Fall under a tree of life that morphs into a grotesque mask of the Green Man (fertility). Eve is wearing a belt with a purse(!), and as for Adam's left hand…An intriguing image of Eden to say the least! Great color ranging from light to dark chocolate with well worn high spots.


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English, 1550-1575

Exceptional carving of a male traveler returning to an all-female household -- possibly Odysseus. Surrounded by a beautiful Romanesque wreath with putti top and bottom, and flowered spandrels.


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Flemish, c.1650

Small is beautiful, right? This animated carving of the west wind may have been made for a beam end on a hammer-beam roof. He's so well carved that you draw your coat around you as you pass him.


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Carving of the Mocking of Christ 

Flemish, 1450-75

Fabulous carving of the mocking of Christ. Imaginative way of combining two jeering men and Christ into a single carving. Probably part of a retable group behind an altar but it does not look too "holy" and would show well in a secular setting. Carved from a hollow branch.


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