Wood - Carvings


Pair of Carvings 

English, 1600-50

A lovely composition of hanging pomegranites and oak leaves.Pierced and crisply carved. I'm sure you've got just the place to hang them.


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Develish Corbel 

English, 1575-1600

Sly litle devil, isn't he? Very good color, easy to display and a fun thing to own.


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Elizabethan Gentleman 

English, 1575-1600

A great roundel of a flamboyant gentleman, probably the center of an wall panel in an Elizabethan manor house. OK, his features are a bit worn, but his ruff, his curls and his magnificent hat still stand out. He is portrayed inside a laurel wreath, signalling he's a "winner," and is deeply carved in bas relief. Well waxed, dark English finish. Ready for you to hang and admire!


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Carved Panel 

Franco-Flemish, 1575-1600

If this is the Virgin Mary, it must be the ugliest she has ever been shown! The long hair was a sign of virginity and she has a halo, so it likely is her…The plants above and below her are often taken to be the tree of life. The panel is deeply carved and has an old, dark surface. I guess it's from an unpretentious manor house or a rural church -- nothing spohisticated or urban about it at all.


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English, 1550-1575

Exceptional carving of a male traveler returning to an all-female household -- possibly Odysseus. Surrounded by a beautiful Romanesque wreath with putti top and bottom, and flowered spandrels.


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