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Romayne Panel of a Lady 

Franco-Flemish, c.1550

We don't often find Romaynes as good as this: the lady is facing us (rare) and she is deeply carved, almost in the round (also rare). Her face is realistic, and look how cute (and realistic) the putto is! Above her is a curly sea monster, and the whole panel is an excellent product of the northern European renaissance.


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Pair of Romayne Portrait Panels 

English, c.1550

A life-like pair of profile portraits (doesn't she look haughty!) probably husband and wife. Set in victory wreaths and with Renaissance "grotesque" motifs top and bottom (her lower one echoes his upper one, but simplified -- she was only the wife!) Probably from a paneled wall or screen.


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Pair of Panels 

English, c.1650

Typical mid-century panels with lozenges and nice folky pinwheels in the corners. Architectural, not from a piece of furniture.


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Lion Corbel 

English, 17th c.

Wonderful humanoid lion! The mouth of a lion, the nose and eyes of a human -- you have to love it!


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English or Dutch, c.1675

A benign lion surrounded by baroque scrolls and foliage. Made from two blocks that have been separated and reglued. Is there some special object you'd like him to display for you?


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