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English, Somerset, c.1630

Surely you've not got a flat screen TV over your fireplace? Here's a chance to swap it out for something real! Profusely and deeply carved: the tree of life in an applied architectural arch at the center, flanked by two panels of flowers and foliage flanked in turn by an Atlas and a Caryatid. And all the frames carved with lunttes and running cable! It's a winner.


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English or Dutch, c.1675

A benign lion surrounded by baroque scrolls and foliage. Made from two blocks that have been separated and reglued. Is there some special object you'd like him to display for you?


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Carved Panel of a Marriage 

French, 15th/16th c.

You've got to like them old and really looking it to appreciate this! The surface is alligatored with age and has lost chunks and definition over the years. But what a charming scene -- the priest joining the hands of the lovers in marriage. On the back is a page dated 1522 with an engraving showing the same moment in the ceremony with the comment that it "corresponds well to the social reality of medieval times."


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Santos of the Virgin Mary as a Young Girl 

Spanish Colonial, 1700-1750

A rare depiction of the young Mary bareheaded and without the Christ Child. She has a swirling cloak and a particularly expressive and sensitively painted face. Age darkened paint, mainly blue, silver and gold, with baroque patterns still visible. Mounted on original blue and gold stand (notched at the back to fit onto a stand.)


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Carving of an Angel 

Franco-Flemish, 17th c.

Quite the little angel! Lovely curling locks, neat wings and a serene, angelic (sorry) expression. Old, medium-brown color.


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