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English or Dutch, c.1675

A benign lion surrounded by baroque scrolls and foliage. Made from two blocks that have been separated and reglued. Is there some special object you'd like him to display for you?


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Carving of an Angel 

Franco-Flemish, 17th c.

Quite the little angel! Lovely curling locks, neat wings and a serene, angelic (sorry) expression. Old, medium-brown color.


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Pair of Linenfold Panels 

English, c.1550

Small, crisply defined and good looking panels with unusual details near the ends of the folds. A charming pair.


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Pair of Lion Finials 

Flemish, c.1675

Cute little charmers! Very well carved. Authentic and decorative at the same time. Small enough to go almost anywhere.


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Head of Angel 

Wales, 15th/16th c.

What a cherubic angel (or angelic cherub)! Expressive, full cheeked and pucker mouthed, and all in a wonderfully aged surface. By repute from a church near Conway, N. Wales, acquired by a local family in the 19th c., thence by descent. Recently acquired from the family by a UK picker/dealer from whom we bought it.


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