Furniture - Case Pieces


Linen Press 

English, c.1750

In two parts. The upper with two doors opening to hanging space with two rows of original pegs and a later hanging rail. Fielded panels with shaped tops. The lower with three drawers and three panels. Paneled sides, cornice and molded waist. From our personal collection.


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Mural Cupboard 

English, 1680-1720

An attractive and useful hanging cupboard of the sort you don't see very often. The geometric moldings are appealingly elongated, and the patina is old and good.


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Diminutive Cabinet 

Dutch, c.1675

What a charmer! Boarded doors and sides with applied moldings simulating panels. Bold top and bottom moldings and big Dutch feet. Just the right height for an end table, or it could be a table cabinet if you have the right table to take it. Wherever you put it, you'll love it.


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