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Miniature Chest of Drawers 

England, 1680-1700

Decorative, useful -- and absolutely pure! Original finish (how often can you say that?) of lacquer over stain. Original pulls. Geometric applied moldings -- the pattern on the upper drawer is the reverse on that on the lower, with a plainer one in the middle -- very carefully conceived. A truly excellent thing! Bought from Suffolk House Antiques in 2007 and in a private collection till now.


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Spice Cupboard 

English, 1700-20

Straight out of a country kitchen! Beautiful honey color, never been refinished. Molded and scratch decorated door enclosing eight molded-front drawers with wooden pulls. The drawers dovetailed (!) are lined in chesnut - better wear-resistance than fruitwood. Original (crude) hinges. Losses typical of fruitwood in daily use. You'll either love its blantant, uncorrected history of age and use, or you'll walk away.


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Mural Cupboard 

English, 1680-1720

An attractive and useful hanging cupboard of the sort you don't see very often. The geometric moldings are appealingly elongated, and the patina is old and good.


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Valuables Cabinet 

Dutch, c.1700

What hits you first is its powerful crest (composed of six molded boards.) Then its size, it's larger than most, but then, you have more valuables… Stand it on the floor or on a table. Ten interior drawers around a pigeon hole (we've always wondered what these were for -- pigeons??) Double-arched, cock-beaded skirt with suppressed ball feet. The sides are five horizontal boards -- avoiding the cracking risk of a single vertical board. Everywhere you look, you see something to admire.


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Diminutive Cabinet 

Dutch, c.1675

What a charmer! Boarded doors and sides with applied moldings simulating panels. Bold top and bottom moldings and big Dutch feet. Just the right height for an end table, or it could be a table cabinet if you have the right table to take it. Wherever you put it, you'll love it.


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