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Joint Stool 

English, c.1675

A nice, unpretentious stool in excellent English finish (well waxed) and with dark, warm colors. Molded apron, thumbnail-molded, three-board seat. Attractive wear and aging. You can't have too many joint stools!


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Joint Stool 

English, 1640-60

Good columnar legs, with molded seat and apron. Great color.


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Carved Backstool 

English, c.1680

A nicely carved backstool from the Cheshire/Lancashire region. The backpanel is carved with a lozenge, filled with chip carving and surrounded by flying ribbons from its points.


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Demi-lune Stool 

French, 1680-1720

A rare and attractive form of stool. The original leather is still in good condition and is quite "sittable." The offset pegs in the joints are found in both northern French and Flemish furniture, but the turnings are French.


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Northwest England, 1680-1700

Simple country backstool, with no bells or whistles, but as honest as the day is long. It has a lively crest, a nice fielded back panel, and a molded seat. Common at the end of the 17th century, collectible and affordable today.


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