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Paneled Backstool 

English, c.1675

A good, sturdy backstool in an old, dark color. The plain back panel is topped with an interestingly shaped and pierced crest rail and with a strong cupid's bow bottom rail. The double-bine spiral on the front stretcher and chamfered edges to the single-board seat are other nice touches.


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Lady's Side Chair 

English, c. 1680

Here's one for the purist! A side chair in old, dry finish with old, possibly period, upholstery. The hay stuffing of the seat is original, so is the webbing. You may not want to use it, but you'll love looking at it: a really good thing to own. Picked from a private house in N. Maine where it has been for generations, and straight to us.


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Carved Backstool 

English, c.1680

A nicely carved backstool from the Cheshire/Lancashire region. The backpanel is carved with a lozenge, filled with chip carving and surrounded by flying ribbons from its points.


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Wainscot Chair 

Scottish, late 17th c.

Interesting chair: the back is two boards nailed to the frame and then carved and "framed" to simulate a panel. The carving is plentiful, "busy" and of high quality, with a particularly good crest. Take your time looking at the pictures and enjoy this unusual chair. And then look at the price!


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Wainscot Arm Chair 

Northwest England, c.1675

A powerful chair with profuse carving in a pleasing design -- the sort of back you can look at long and often and still not grow tired of it. The sturdy split balusters on the stiles are an unusual touch. Rich, deep color with good wear on seat and arms.


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