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Joint Stool 

English, c.1675

A nice, unpretentious stool in excellent English finish (well waxed) and with dark, warm colors. Molded apron, thumbnail-molded, three-board seat. Attractive wear and aging. You can't have too many joint stools!


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Joint Stool 

English, 1640-60

Good columnar legs, with molded seat and apron. Great color.


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Paneled Backstool 

English, c.1675

A good, sturdy backstool in an old, dark color. The plain back panel is topped with an interestingly shaped and pierced crest rail and with a strong cupid's bow bottom rail. The double-bine spiral on the front stretcher and chamfered edges to the single-board seat are other nice touches.


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Carved Backstool 

English, c.1680

A nicely carved backstool from the Cheshire/Lancashire region. The backpanel is carved with a lozenge, filled with chip carving and surrounded by flying ribbons from its points.


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Wainscot Chair 

Scottish, late 17th c.

Interesting chair: the back is two boards nailed to the frame and then carved and "framed" to simulate a panel. The carving is plentiful, "busy" and of high quality, with a particularly good crest. Take your time looking at the pictures and enjoy this unusual chair. And then look at the price!


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