Die Shaker or Cup 

English, c.1850

Stitched leather with nice old surface. Use it for your games -- or just put it on a shelf and look at it. It's a good looking little thing.


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Communion Chalice Case 

English or Dutch, c.1550

It's one of those things -- I saw it and I had to have it: I'd never get a shot at another! Its proportions are pure Gothic. The leather is worn in all the right places, the surface is old and tactile, it's lined insidewith very soft leather. The form of the chalice it held dates it accurately, and there's a place under it for the paten that held the wafers. It was probably used to give communion to those who were too sick or feeble to come to the church.


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Leather Clad Document Box 

N. Europe, 1650-1700

Charming little box in as-found conditon -- the leather worn, torn and crackled -- just as we like to see it. Brass nails holding leather and forming initials IB on lid.


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