Die Shaker or Cup 

English, c.1850

Stitched leather with nice old surface. Use it for your games -- or just put it on a shelf and look at it. It's a good looking little thing.


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Leather Bottle or Costrel 

English, c.1700

A good looking bottle, used for both carrying ale into the fields during the working day and for drinking it in the tavern at night. Shows good signs of use -- the old cobbler-stitched repair is as much an enhancement as a fault. The holes around the stopper hole a bit more detrimental.


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Silver-Mounted Blackjack 

English, 1630

We rarely find them as good as this! Small size, beautifully deformed by age and use. Silver shield with heraldic crest of Phoenix. Silver rim with engraved inscription "From CTJ to MC 1630". All engraving worn by polishing, but still legible. (See Acorns, April 2017 for John's short article on Blackjacks)


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Leather Bottle or Costrel 

English, 1725-50

You can tell this comes from an English collection -- it's been waxed consistently, so the surface is just about perfect -- mellow, glowing but not too shiny.


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Communion Chalice Case 

English or Dutch, c.1550

It's one of those things -- I saw it and I had to have it: I'd never get a shot at another! Its proportions are pure Gothic. The leather is worn in all the right places, the surface is old and tactile, it's lined insidewith very soft leather. The form of the chalice it held dates it accurately, and there's a place under it for the paten that held the wafers. It was probably used to give communion to those who were too sick or feeble to come to the church.


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