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English, c.1850

A useful and good looking Victorian make-up. It uses old and new wood and incorporates early parts, but was put together in the middle of the 19th century. On sale for a client.


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Refectory or Long Table 

English, 1620-35

A great refectory table, massive, authentic and very heavy. The top originally loose, now secured with blocks underneath. Obviously made to go on the dais at one end of the hall: the side rail facing the hall is carved, the other rails have simple molding. Good deep color and patina. Refectory tables with their original tops and stretchers rarely come on the market.


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Side Table 

English, 1700-25

A simple country table with a light airy feel to it. The single board top is a stunner -- well figured, a light honey color and a molded edge.


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Cricket Table with "Cabriole" Legs 

English, c 1740

The best country cabriole legs complete with toes! Cut from a flat board with the profile of turned cabrioles, obviously from a rural joiner who had a good eye, but no lathe. The apron's nicely shaped, too. Great old color. A nice country piece with oodles of character.


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Trestle-Based Gate-Leg Table 

English, c.1690

The elm gives this table a lovely warm color. Both the single-board leaves are cut from the same log with spectacular grain. The rectangular-sectioned gates are narrow and look good both open and closed. It's a country made piece with simple construction, and all the better for it!


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