Furniture - Tables



English, c.1850

A useful and good looking Victorian make-up. It uses old and new wood and incorporates early parts, but was put together in the middle of the 19th century. On sale for a client.


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Side Table 

English, 1700-25

A simple country table with a light airy feel to it. The single board top is a stunner -- well figured, a light honey color and a molded edge.


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Cricket Table with "Cabriole" Legs 

English, c 1740

The best country cabriole legs complete with toes! Cut from a flat board with the profile of turned cabrioles, obviously from a rural joiner who had a good eye, but no lathe. The apron's nicely shaped, too. Great old color. A nice country piece with oodles of character.


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Trestle-Based Gate-Leg Table 

English, c.1690

The elm gives this table a lovely warm color. Both the single-board leaves are cut from the same log with spectacular grain. The rectangular-sectioned gates are narrow and look good both open and closed. It's a country made piece with simple construction, and all the better for it!


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Side Table 

English, c 1675

A good looker in a medium honey color. The bobbin turnings are attractive and the carved drawer gives the table a real boost.


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