Living with Early Oak

Seventeenth-Century English Furniture
Then and Now

Living with Early Oak

"Imaginatively crafted, generously illustrated, and deeply probing, Living with Early Oak is in every sense a pioneering work." -- Wendell Garrett

"All antique furniture books should be written like this." -- John Andrews, author of British Antique Furniture

"Excellent ... for the beginner and the experienced collector alike." -- Robert Trent, independent furniture historian


Living with Early Oak is the only book on early English oak furniture written by dealers for their customers. It is brimming with helpful advice and information about the furniture, the society that made it, what to look out for when buying it, and how to take care of it in the home. It is the first book on early English oak furniture to be published in twenty-five years.

Read Samples from Living with Early Oak (Adobe Acrobat required)

Introduction and Table of Contents -- Excerpt from Chapter 3 (Decoration and Style) -- Excerpt from Chapter 8 (Beds) -- Excerpt from Chapter 9 (Restoration and Repairs)

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ISBN: 0-9754569-0-3 / 220 pp. / 182 b&w illustrations / 6" x 9" / hardcover, jacket.