Chip Carved Candlebox

English, c.1725

Quarter-Sawn Beech -- the poor man's oak. 10 out of 10 don't you think? Exceptionally detailed carving, all done with the point of a knife and laid out with compasses -- a long winter's project for someone with equal skill and patience. Embellished with brass studs, flowers and stars. The more closely you look at this, the more you'll see and the more you'll be amazed. The medullary flecks in the beech are similar to the rays in quarter-sawn oak. The beech has been stained to resemble oak. Profusely carved on all visible surfaces Decorative brass upholstery nail used as enhancements Pintle-hinged lid Reinforcements to back and interior, one end restored. Holes from long dead-and-gone woodworm.

16" w x 5-1/2" d x 11-1/2" h.

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